Yumi Vitamin Gummy (UK) Bedtime


Yumi Bedtime Gummy Is Passionfruit Favoured  (Vegan)

It Consists Of 100 mg of 5HTP per serving

Our gummies are generally safe to take for adults and children over the age of three with no medical conditions

The serving size for children is one gummy a night

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YUMI Vitamin Gummy [ UK ]

As Featured On Cosmopolitan 

BedTime (HTP5)

Getting Enough Good Quality Sleep At The Right Times Can Play A Key Role In Protecting Your Mental And Physical Health

The YUMI Bedtime Gummies Have Been Specially Formulated With 5-HTP Extracted From Griffonia Seed To Support Overall Wellbeing In A Great-Tasting And Easy To Consume Chewable Vegan Gummy


a) Protect Nervous System

b) Improve Wellbeing

c) Chew Before Bedtime

d) Increase 5HTP Levels


All Of Our Products Are Made With Superior Quality Ingredients To Give You The Best Possible Benefit

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